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Let The Best General Dentist Help You Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Many people see the dentists as people you should contact when experiencing a pain in the mouth, but this is not true. Middletown Dental Care has provided many patients with an excellent oral health advice and treatments and we have once again proven that the need of seeing a dentist regularly is a key point in preserving the dental health.

What does a general dentist do?

If you are in search of a general dentist in Middletown, Delaware, we are the right choice for you! Every person needs a dental visit in order to be aware of the condition of their teeth and the ways to improve their general health. After all, dentists are doctors with specialization in oral health and we at American Dental Care have some of the best dentists in the area. The responsibilities of general dentists are numerous and include:

·         Promoting the oral health

·         Diagnosing oral diseases

·         Disease prevention

·         Disease treatment planning

·         X-rays and diagnostic tests interpretation

·         Anesthetics administration

·         Monitoring development of teeth and jaws

·         Surgical procedures performance

As you can notice, dentists take care of ensuring that your teeth are both healthy and beautiful. Routine procedures such as fillings placement, anesthetics administering or tooth extraction may seem quite simple, but can do a lot for the health of your teeth. More importantly, these procedures being performed by anyone else than a professional like our dentists can even lead to unwanted results such as prolonged bleeding, pain or nerve damage. Choosing the right dentist for your dental health is a serious matter and we as the best dental office in Middletown, Delaware are here to help you with this matter.

It is not that simple…

The above mentioned areas of care are more complicated than it seems at the same glance and this is why it is important to choose our professionals for your general dentists. The care we provide does not solely include care of teeth and gums but also head muscles, neck, jaw, salivary glands, tongue and even the nervous system of the head. When a dentist examines your mouth, he looks into it and checks for lumps, ulcerations and even swellings. Sometimes you need a biopsy or a diagnostic test for salivary gland function or infection and sometimes you need one of our implant dentists for an implantation.

Why do you need a general dentist?

A dentist is a primary care provider and here at Middletown Dental Care we provide care for patients of all ages. Our professionals are best at determining the condition and needs of your mouth and teeth. A general dentist primarily takes care of the preventive care of the teeth, but our dentists are always ready to perform a wide array of other procedures. They are highly trained and educated in providing the following services:

·         Dentures

·         Dental implants

·         Gum treatment

·         Crowns

·         Bridges

·         Root canal treatment

·         Cleaning

·         Whitening

·         Dental fillings

Preventive treatments

If you care to maintain regular dental appointments with us, you should not experience serious problems with your teeth. When you visit the dentist at least twice a year, your teeth are regularly cleaned and x-raid and this helps you avoid many of the common dental issues people encounter. At Middletown Dental Care, you can rely on our dentists for restorative dentistry of fillings and dental crowns, with the main purpose to restore and strengthen your teeth after a trauma or simply a decay. The process is the following:

-          The dentist does a check-up on your teeth

-          The dentist determines what needs restoration

-          The decay is removed from the damaged tooth

-          The tooth is sealed and rebuilt

-          A dental crown is used to cover the structure

-          A composite filling is used to repair the damage of the decay.

Implant dentist

These professionals are here when your teeth cannot be saved and is already lost. Dental implants are highly recommended and we can provide you with them in order to protect your dental health. There are two benefits of having an implant besides aesthetics. What you may not know is that implants can also stimulate bone growth and integrate with your bone. Here at Middletown Dental Care you can rely on the dentists to provide you with the best option for tooth implant that looks good and helps your dental health at the same time.

Periodontal treatment

Many people nowadays suffer from gum diseases. This does not only destroy a smile and general appearance, but can also cause you many problems and a lot of pain. Having a gum issue is an active problem that is not very easy to get rid of and the people with this problem are recommended more regular visits with our dentists in order to keep the problem under control.

An inflammation of the gums can be so severe that it can even cause problems with people who suffer from diabetes, respiratory problems, hearth diseases or pregnant women.

Middletown Dental Care is the best health maintenance provided in Middletown, Delaware. Our main goal is to tailor the periodontal treatments you so need to meet your requirements. Our dentists are experienced in dental cleanings, antibiotic treatments and other treatments that promote the healing of your gums and eliminate the dangerous infections that can cause you troubles.

Choose us for your general dentists

Why choose us? Because we are the best! Not only our professionals are experienced and have specialized in many areas of dental care, but we also welcome patients of all ages! If you decide to contact us when in need of a general dentist appointment or an emergency, our dentists will put their entire education and experience into taking care that your dental health remains intact and perfect. Call us today to schedule an appointment with some of the best dentists in the area!

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