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At some point in life, all of us were gone through the trauma of a broken tooth. Every child loses their set of temporary milk teeth, and this process happens naturally and we all shiver at the thought of the pain we underwent. In adulthood, a chipped tooth is the result of some accident or gradual decay of teeth causing it. A chipped tooth is a serious dental issue, and should receive treatment at the earliest.

 Typically, people tend to ignore period toothaches and they wait for the time till the pain becomes intolerable. In their effort towards avoiding a dentist visit, they resort to home remedies or over-the-counter drugs to reduce the pain and stop the bleeding.

 At Middletown Dental care, we actively encourage our patients to not take the case of a broken tooth lightly as it might cause a lot of trouble in future. As soon as noticed, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. A visit at our dental office will help you understand the degree of the problem and the necessary treatment can be promptly given by us without losing any time.

How does a teeth break?

A broken tooth often is caused due to an accident, either from biting down or getting a hard physical impact on the face. A lot of times, a chipped tooth is caused due to gradual tooth decay. Callousness towards dental health causes a lot of anatomical and economical trauma. Therefore, at Middletown Dental Care, we strive towards creating the awareness of regular dental check-ups in order to avoid serious dental problems.

 A regular evaluation of dental health is a meagre cost at our office as compared to the expenses incurred during a full-service dental procedure. Another benefit of signing up for regular dental check-ups at our dental office in Middletown Delaware is the information conveyed by our expert dentists on how to take better care of your oral health to avoid chipping of tooth. We look into every patient’s problem with equal commitment and offer solutions/procedures according to their problems.

What to do when a tooth gets chipped?

 Step 1:- In the case of a chipped tooth, you should contact American Dental Care at the earliest and schedule an appointment. Acting promptly on time will help in avoiding the situation from getting worse, like an infection etc.

 Step 2:- Keep the broken piece/s carefully, and rinse your mouth using warm water. Also, rinse the broken piece using warm water. By doing so, you cleanse your mouth and keep germs away. If the tooth is bleeding, use gauze piece to stop bleeding by applying pressure.

 Step 3:- In most dental issues, the gums and the face tend to swell. In order to avoid swelling, use a cold compress on the cheeks to keep the swelling under control and the pain caused due to the fractured tooth.

 Step 4:- Restoration using cosmetic dentistry can happen as long as the tooth structure remains undisturbed. Therefore, it is suggested that the broken part should be stored in a container with a small amount of saline water or milk.

 Things To Remember

Be gentle while rinsing your mouth as a broken tooth results in exposed nerve endings. Being harsh on the exposed endings can be painful and cause a lot of damage. Be extremely careful while washing the broken fragments off the chipped tooth, and avoid using a lot of pressure. Taking these measures prior to the dentist’s appointment, helps you personally and your dentist too. A rinsed mouth helps in a quick diagnosis and our dentist can commence with the necessary treatment as early as possible.

Sometimes, the teeth does not get completely dislodged but is partially attached to the gum. In this case, the person should schedule an appointment with us immediately and keep using a cold compress on their face and mouth in order to restrict the swelling. If the pain becomes unbearable, an over-the-counter pain-killer like Tylenol can be taken. If in case, you can’t get in touch with your dentist, cover the part of the broken tooth with temporary dental cement. Temporary dental cement is commonly available in drug stores.

 A lot of times our patients discover they have a chipped tooth as their tongues can feel the sharp area left due to the dislodging of the particular piece. Small broken piece might even go unnoticed, but the big ones hurt a lot. The nerve inside the teeth could be possibly damaged. Exposure to air, hot or cold food can cause extreme pain and discomfort to you as the sensitivity of the teeth increases. The pain can either be fluctuating or constant.

 Expert Treatment at Middletown Dental Care

 There are multiple types of teeth damages and fractures, and each one requires a specific treatment. Some common forms of treatment are mentioned below:

Cracked tooth – In case of a cracked tooth, the entire tooth gets affected from the chewing surface to the nerve ending. The teeth will remain at its place, but owing to ignorance on the patient’s part, the crack may gradually spread resulting in severe pain. In this case, our dentists at Middletown Delaware provide treatment by placing a crown on the tooth in order to prevent the crack from getting worse.

Chipped tooth – Chips that are small in size usually don’t require an extensive treatment. We typically recommend fixing the damage using filling material in order to avoid pain in the future. In case the chip is really small, we can polish the part.

Minor Cracks – Commonly referred to as ‘craze lines’, these damages typically affect only the enamel of the teeth. It is suggested that while brushing your teeth, you should not apply too much pressure as that causes enamel loss over time. Selecting a soft and gentle toothbrush is really important for dental health. Minor cracks usually do not require much of a treatment. Nevertheless, we still might polish your affected teeth in order to cover the cracked part.

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