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If you are suffering from a dental infection and are in pain, there is a big probability that you have a formation of dental abscess in your mouth. In this case, you are in need of a good dental abscess dentist in Middletown, Delaware. Luckily for you, we at Middletown Dental Care are located near you and our dentists are just a call away!

Defining Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a formation that appears when a tooth becomes infected. This infection has a form of a pus filled pocket and is your body’s way to form a barrier around an infection in order to prevent its spreading to the other parts of the mouth and body.

There are a few types of dental abscess:

· Peripheral or gingival abscess is located on the gum surrounding the tooth or the gingival. This abscess can appear either on the palate side or the cheek side of your tooth.

· Periodontal abscess is usually formed when the gums in your mouth have bacterial infection or inflammation that causes the gum tissue to pull away from your tooth. The result of this is a formation of a pus pocket between the tooth and the gum.

· Periapical abscess appears when the nerve of the tooth dies or in cases of decay. A nerve dying can be a result of trauma or severe decay and when the tooth is found in this form, the pulp can easily be infected.

The first type of dental abscess is the most evident and you can probably identify it by yourself, but a dentist is the only person that can define the type of dental abscess with certainty and provide you with the appropriate treatment. If you decide to contact Middletown Dental Care and schedule an appointment with one of the best dental abscess dentists in Middleotwn, Delaware, rest assured that your teeth troubles will be treated with the utmost care and in no time.

Symptoms of dental abscess

Aside from the visible part with some dental abscesses, the main symptom of this infection is pain. The pain in case of a dental abscess comes suddenly and fiercely and can also be followed by facial swelling. Most of the time the patients cannot really be sure of the spot where the abscess is because this pain can often travel through the jaw and check. The only way to determine the point of pain is trough specialized testing and x-rays. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, contact our dentists today to get the appropriate testing and treatment and get rid of the numbing pain.

You can avoid having this issue by having a good oral hygiene and visit the best dental abscess dentists in Middletown, Delaware. If you visit our offices regularly, you will receive x-ray testing at least once a year and this will help us make sure that there is no decay present or other problems that can cause you pain.

You should call us immediately if you experience:

·         Severe toothache

·         Pain in the jawbone, the neck or the ear

·         Sensitivity to temperatures

·         Sensitivity to chewing and biting

·         Fever

·         Facial swelling

·         Swollen lymph nodes

It is very important to see our dentists promptly if you have these signs or symptoms.

Treatment of dental abscess

Our dentists can treat your dental abscess by getting rid of the infection. If you decide to visit our office, you may expect the following procedures:

·         Incision and draining of the abscess: In this step, the dentist makes a small cut into the abscess after which the pus will be drained out automatically. After this, the area is being washed with salt water.

·         Root canal: By performing a root canal, the dentist will help eliminate the infection and save your tooth as a result. This is done by drilling down into the tooth, removing the pulp and draining the abscess. Then, the tooth’s pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed.

·         Tooth extraction: This treatment is only done in cases where the affected tooth cannot be saved. In this case, the dentist pulls out the tooth and drains the abscess.

·         Antibiotics: If the existing infection is solely limited to the area where the abscess is located, our dentist will not prescribe you any antibiotics. But, in most cases, dental abscess infection is spread to other teeth and the jaw, so the dentist’s job is to prescribe you antibiotics to heal and stop spreading the infection.

Is dental abscess treatment permanent?

The possibility of returning of the dental abscess is present, but this will less likely happen if you follow the next steps:

1.       Schedule an appointment with the us!

2.       Have the dental abscess diagnosed by one of our professionals

3.       If you are prescribed antibiotics, follow the dentist’s advice

4.       Schedule the recommended treatment after receiving the prescribed antibiotics

In the cases where the dentist performs a root canal treatment, the returning of the dental abscess usually means that the tooth has a crack and has to be extracted from the mouth. If you avoid this, your tooth will continue to get infected constantly even though the nerve is removed. The fact is, a periodontal abscess cannot return if you provide your teeth with proper home care and regular visits at the dentist’s office. Root canals are usually successful treatments and there is no reason for the tooth to not last you for a long period of time. What we offer you is the best treatment of your teeth, that followed by good care and regular visits with us, can ensure the health of your teeth.

Are you experiencing a pain in your mouth? If you do, you are in need of the best dental abscess dentist in Middletown, Delaware and you should call our office today to schedule an appointment!


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