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Face and facial features are a basic element of one’s personality and to make the face stable we have teeth without which we can’t do a lot of our daily routine activities like talk, chew, and smile. In the absence of our teeth a lot of things suffer. For instance, when you aren’t able to talk you are bound to be predicted as socially awkward or phobic. If you aren’t able to eat you might suffer from health problems and so on.

Dental bridge is an amazing invention. They fulfill the gap where teeth are lost. Dental bridge is basically a very affordable prosthesis with a very low risk and it is not that time consuming as well. Now no one has to worry if they lose their teeth due to some trauma or accident because they can easily fill in the gap with these Dental bridges.

The dental bridge has one or more artificial teeth which are known as the ‘pontics’. These pontics are fixed by the 2 dental crowns on each side. This way the pontic fills in the gap of the missing teeth and the dental crown helps them to do so. The dental crowns are placed on the anchoring or abutment teeth. Crowns can be placed on dental implants as well.


·         Bring back your smile and your confidence and now you can easily communicate and socialize

·         It enables you to eat again normally however you want.

·         It is fixed in your mouth and can only be adjusted and removed by your dentist thus you don’t have to worry about it falling out while you are eating or talking, embarrassing you in front of others.

·         Brings back the shape of your face which became disfigured when you lost teeth

·         This is relatively quicker than other dental procedures done to fill in that gap like dental implants or dentures and it only takes two sittings with your dentist from start to finish and you are good to go.

·         It gives a great look and you can choose according to your affordability that how you want to make it look like. Porcelain looks great and it matches with your natural look. Thus you can show off all you want as it’s even resistant to staining.

·         It helps you distribute the forces in your bite properly as now you have your lost teeth back in the form of dental bridges.

·         It gives a supporting hand to your other teeth and helps you strengthen them thus has a protective function too.

·         These are durable and long lasting.

·         It is a great fixed alternative to implant surgery in most of the cases.


1)      Traditional fixed bridges :

 This type of bridge helps the dentist to preserve the patient’s natural teeth as compared to rest of the types. In this kind of bridge there are pontics that are supported by two crowns on both of the sides of the gap in patient’s mouth. The crowns go on top of patient’s natural teeth and keep the bridge in place. For this procedure to be carried out the Dentist first needs to reshape the teeth that are present adjacent to the gap to facilitate the placement of the bridge in the gap.

These are most common types of bridges and are popularly used by many patients. They have further two types which are as follows:

·         Porcelain fused to Metal

·         Porcelain fused to Ceramic

 2)      Cantilever bridges :

 In molars and other back teeth this kind of preparation is not used as the back teeth bear most of the force and has to chew the most so a cantilever bridge might get damaged or even collapse.

These are used in places where there are teeth on only one side of the gap. In this case the dentist puts a single crown to support the entire thing. They also help preserve most of patient’s natural tooth.

3)      Maryland bonded bridges :

In this case there will be false teeth – pontics with two small extensions called as the wings which the dentist will attach to the adjacent teeth. So in this case slight modification of the adjacent teeth is necessary and they just have to micro-etch the two teeth that function almost like an abutment. The wings are usually fabricated of resin which is made to look like the natural teeth. Usually these kinds of bridges are used to replace one tooth but can replace 2-3 teeth also.


If you have missing teeth and are looking for an appropriate tooth replacement option, visit us at Middletown Delaware. Our expert team is there to help you chew and smile better!


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