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 Everything that we find on this Earth has a proven worth. So is every organ and part of our body. Just imagine being toothless at any age of the long life. The day teeth takes root, the beauty of the face begins improving. The face starts taking a rounded and healthy appearance. Better ask a jury of beauty contest event about importance of beautiful and healthy teeth. You would not believe but almost all sporting events need a finishing effort with unfailing determination and clenched teeth. Missing, damaged, broken or diseased teeth reflect upon your beauty as well as put restrictions on your diet. Healthy and well-constructed teeth make you emotionally and socially successful. Your speech is distinct and understandable.

The existing life style traps an average citizen into pits swarming with disease and injury.  The American Dental Care dentists at Middletown, Delaware believe that with little support life could remain beautiful.

The Risk Factor

Any deviations from a normal and healthy life style attract unhealthy conditions. The teeth are no exception. Grinding teeth and clenched teeth habits sleep time disorders, unsafe acts during contact sports and even emotional stresses impair temporomandibular joints (TMJ) which leads to various temporomandibular disorders (TMD).  There may be several other reasons for TMD such as

  • Injury to your jaw,
  • Injury to your head and neck,
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth,
  • Displacement of the cushion bridging ball and socket of the joint
  • Arthritis in the joint,
  • Mental stresses

TMD may last for years causing discomfort and pain. Women are more susceptible. It is also common among male/female in the 20-40 age groups. The most common symptoms are tenderness and pain in the face, neck, shoulders, jaw joints and around ears when you speak, chew or open your mouth. It may cause swelling on the painful area of your mouth. It may also lead to headache, toothache, dizziness, hearing problem, earache, ringing, shoulder pain and pain in the neck.

The Support

You are fortunate enough to have Middletown Dental Care in your neighborhood in Middletown, Delaware. We cover the entire gamut of teeth related problems, be it a routine complete examination, cleaning and prevention, Cosmetic dentistry, treatment of periodontal disease, complete mouth restoration or dental emergencies. We assure you to restore your cheerful smile, a smile that makes a positive and optimistic statement.

Middletown Dental Care advises its patients and visitors to adopt proactive procedures at the onset in order to avoid costly medical interventions afterwards. Various temporomandibular disorders (TMD) may be completely avoided or controlled at the initial stages if proper proactive care is taken. One such exercise is related to mouthguards.

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard also known as gumshield, nightguard, gumguard, mouth piece, mouth protector or bite splint, is a shielding device that covers the teeth to prevent damage to the teeth, lips, arches and the gums. It is widely used to prevent accidental injury to the teeth, gums and the lips in contact sports such as hockey, boxing etc. It is extensively used to treat teeth grinding known as bruxism and various other temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Such oral appliances fit over your teeth in order to reduce tooth mobility, tooth wear, tooth sensitivity, joint pain, muscle pain and soreness.

We, at Middletown Dental Care provide you with the most appropriate mouthguard. We have a panel of doctors who specialize in disorders and conditions related to your teeth and their protection, namely:

  • contact sports,
  • clenching and grinding of teeth during the day time,
  • Clenching and grinding of teeth while sleeping.

Mouthguard Types We Offer

We keep stock or readymade mouthguards in Middletown, Delaware manufactured in preformed shapes and sizes for you. These include sports mouthguard, mouth guard for grinding teeth, night dental guards, to name a few. We have a counter where minor trimming with scissors or knife could be done for better fitting.

At Middletown Dental Care, Middletown, DE, you have the option to go for boil and bite or mouth adapted mouthguards. You have an option to choose the best that fits you. Such type of mouthguard is die cast from thermo-plastic material. These are first softened in hot water and then put in place inside the mouth to adapt the exact shape by putting pressure of fingers and tongue. We have the latest boil and bite type mouthguards that have special fins which enhances retention within fitting zones.  This mouthguard would provide adequate protection if you are a semi-professional or amateur sports person.

We, however, would recommend you the best. We believe that those mouthguards that get 100% devotion and consideration of our most proficient staff, is the best for our valuable clients. We, at Middletown Dental Care, believe in propagating our proficiency and competence through word of mouth of our esteemed customers. This is only possible when our visitors are overwhelmingly satisfied with our ability to deliver.

We would, therefore, recommend you to have your custom mouthguard made at our workshop. You have to visit only twice to get the best fitting dentist mouthguard. On the first visit, we take the impression. The resulting impression on a dental putty or alginate material is forwarded to our laboratory where the mouthguard is made within a few days. Depending upon the budget, we produce single layer vacuum formed mouthguards or multilayer laminated one.

Though custom built guards are costly, you need not worry about the budget. First, our charges are very competitive. Secondly, Dental financing plans are also in place provided you are in a particular income level. Thirdly, and most importantly, we fully take care of your insurance plan.

Your Insurance Cover

We accept almost all insurance plans available in the area, namely, Dental HMO, Dental PPO or Dental Indemnity Plan. On your behalf, we file claims thus saving your time and keeping you free from hassles. It is difficult to understand tricky statements and between the lines conditions of certain insurance policies. We keep fully qualified and trained insurance specialists to help you in such matter thus minimizing your expenditures as well as maximizing benefits that you should get. Deductible payments and co-payments are supposed to be made only when services have been rendered to you.

We go a step further to help you. If you have applied for insurance and awaiting the delivery then you have only to contact us. Our coordinators would be eager to sort out any pending issues. Even if you do not have an insurance plan, we have strategies in place by which we shall make your dental care quite affordable.

We are in contact with most of the employer in Delaware and in the vicinity. We are familiar with their employee’s benefit plans. Here again, we would be pleased to assist you in maximizing your benefit.

Make Your Smile a Statement

We wish that you leave all your worries regarding dental problems outside when you enter our premises and leave the precinct with a smile that radiates, that shines and that which assure others.

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