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People say that toothache is one of the most annoying and unbearable kinds of pain and this is not strange at all – toothache can really ruin your day! This is why we at Middletown dental care recommend an immediate action in case of a toothache. Sure, you may always opt to home remedies for toothache, but when it comes to tooth pain you really have to know the reason why this is happening prior to trying to prevent it.

What causes a toothache?

severe toothache can be a result of many issues such as

·         tooth decay

·         tooth abscess

·         gum disease

·         cracked tooth or tooth trauma

·         other infections in the tooth cavity

If you feel pain in your mouth, you must be informed properly on what you should do for a toothache to go away. Suffering from a long lasting, bad toothache is your main pointer that you should visit us at Middletown dental care today.

We are the best dentists in Middletown, Delaware and we will help you find the right cure for toothache and provide you with the proper medicine to relief the toothache pain you are having. If your pain is accompanied by swelling or even fever, stop waiting for a miracle to happen! You may be in need of a root canal procedure or a special type of pain reliever for toothache and this is not something that you can do on your own with the help of home remedies. We have proven to be the best professionals in the area and we can help you become pain-free in no time!

Tooth decay

Tooth pain in the cavity is quite common and can prove to be very painful. A cavity starts causing unbearable pain in the point where it reaches the root of the tooth. This is the place where the dental pulp is located, containing both blood vessels and nerves. Infecting the cavity can cause some excruciating pain and when it does, you are in an immediate need of a tooth pain relief advice from a good dentist.

What should you do? You must have heard of a root canal procedure, but you probably do not know how much it can help. Here at American dental care, you will realize that having an experienced dentist perform this procedure on your teeth will relieve your pain and help you feel better in no time! Sometimes the cure for toothache is not a medicine, but is in the hands of the best dentists in Middletown, Delaware – those of Middletown dental care.

Tooth abscess

Abscesses are pockets of spread infection to the gums and the bones in the mouth and they usually come accompanied by swelling and fever. If you have avoided the dentist when you should have treated an infection, this is very likely to happen. A simple infection can easily spread from the tooth to the gums and the bones and form a tooth abscess and this can cause an even bigger pain and lead to a need of a more extensive tooth pain remedy than in the case of a simple infection.

Abscess is a dangerous tooth condition and you should contact American dental care immediately if you find yourselves in this situation. Most of the cases require draining and root canal procedure, but avoiding a serious infection can sometimes lead to tooth extraction as the only toothache pain relief possible. This is the reason behind all the recommendation of finding a good dentist such as the ones at Middletown dental care and let them take care of your teeth in time by simply making regular visits with us.

Gum disease

As we mentioned above, an irregular visits with us can lead to a more serious, advanced condition that can damage the gums in the mouth. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with us immediately if you:

·         are feeling pain in the gums

·         notice recession of gums

·         notice inflammation of gums

·         see that your roots seem exposed

We can treat your gum diseases in beginning and advanced stage, but do not risk facing an excruciating pain when our dentists can help you fight the toothache with a simple phone call. If you wait too long and leave your gum disease to spread, you can lose your teeth and damage the bones in your mouth.

Cracked tooth or tooth trauma

Your teeth do not always need to be cracked for a trauma to take place, so it always depends on the kind of injury when speaking of a damaged tooth. Sometimes you can notice a damage in the tooth, but in many cases this is impossible to see. So, you may end up experiencing pain without knowing the reason for this, or seeing why this is happening.

This is where experience and education takes over. Our experienced dentists at American dental care can detect and cure a trauma to a tooth, regardless of how small and invisible to the eye it is! We will fix your teeth and help you relief your pain in the painless way possible. We offer every service possible in these situations, starting from a veneer and bond to a full crown procedure!

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen – trying out all kinds of toothache home remedies can not only prove to be unhelpful, but can also damage your teeth. Your teeth are also a part of you that needs special care and attention and it is time that you take action and get pain relief by calling us immediately.

Middletown dental care is at your disposal and can relieve the pain you are feeling better than anyone else! So Book An Appointment With Us Today!

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