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Remove your wisdom tooth today to get rid of the pain

Is your wisdom tooth causing you pain and troubles? These teeth can often cause a numbing pain and can seriously damage your mood and ruin your day. If you are in need of a wisdom teeth removal dentist in Middletown, Delaware, look no further. You have just discovered the best dental service providers in the area – American Dental Care!

You know that you are in need of professional dental assistance if you experience any of the following symptoms:

·         Excessive tooth bleeding

·         Difficulty swallowing

·         Fever

·         Pain that cannot be relieved by pain medications

·         Constantly occurring pain

·         Swelling that is not going away

·         Bad taste in your mouth

·         Pus from the tooth socket

·         Numbness in the area

·         Loss of feeling in the area

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is highly probable that you are suffering from an infection caused by a bad wisdom tooth. In these cases, a wisdom tooth extraction is highly recommended.

Defining wisdom tooth

This is the tooth that is commonly known as ‘third molar’, due to the place in which the tooth grows. The wisdom tooth can be defined as the third molar that is located in each of the four quadrants of the mouth, even though in some cases, it is possible to have fewer or more than four wisdom teeth. The reason behind the name of this tooth lies behind the fact that this tooth appears not only last, but much later than all other teeth. When the wisdom tooth comes out, people are already at a wiser age, approximately between the ages 17 to 25.

What is the purpose of this tooth? It is believed that humans used to have larger jaws that got smaller as a result of evolution and these particular jaws were filled with more teeth. The wisdom tooth is presumed to have remained to be a part of the smaller jaws of today, but actually serves no purpose at all.

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a type of surgical procedure in which one or more teeth of this type are removed permanently.  If you are experiencing troubles with a wisdom tooth and they cannot be treated with medications or a simple treatment at the dentists’ office, this procedure is crucial in maintaining the health of your mouth and in releasing you from pain. Schedule an appointment with the best wisdom teeth removal dentist in Middletown, Delaware to arrange a surgical procedure that will remove the pain that has been killing the mood for days!

If a wisdom tooth has no room to grow in the mouth, it is very probable that you will experience pain or infection. Eventually, you will need this tooth to be removed and choosing this step in time can save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble and pain. This extraction can be done both by a dentist and an oral surgeon.

Our dentists are the best wisdom teeth removal dentists in Middletown, Delaware and here at Middletown Dental Care we recommend wisdom tooth extraction only when that is necessary. If you decide to choose us when having experienced any of the abovementioned symptoms, we will make sure that we examine your teeth thoroughly prior to making a decision regarding the treatment.

Why would you need a wisdom tooth removal?

Many people encounter problems with wisdom teeth due to insufficient space at the rear of the jaws. This space is needed for the teeth to erupt and where there is no space for them to come through, the tooth can become somewhat impacted. This involves both soft and hard tissue i.e. the gums and the bones. Some of the main reasons for a removal of the wisdom tooth are:

·         Wisdom tooth growing at an angle toward the second molar

·         Wisdom tooth growing at an angle toward the back of the mouth

·         Wisdom tooth growing being trapped within the jaw

How does the procedure go?

If you schedule a wisdom tooth removal with one of our wisdom teeth removal dentists in Middletown, Delaware, you may expect the following procedure to take place:

1.       The dentist takes x-rays and does a thorough exam of your mouth in order to determine if you are viable and in serious need of wisdom teeth extraction. The existence of any infection in the mouth is also determined in this step. If an infection exists, the dentist will delay the surgery until it is treated.

2.       In the case that there is no infection in the area, the dentist starts by giving you a local anesthetic. The purpose of this anesthetic is to numb the area where the surgical procedure is performed. Our dentist will probably recommend that you don’t eat or drink anything the night prior to the surgery in order for the anesthetic to work efficiently.

3.       The next step is to open up the gum tissue and take out the bone that seems to be covering the tooth.

4.       The tissue that connects the tooth and the bone is separated and the tooth is removed.

5.       Depending on the procedure, the dentist may need to place some stitches on the area. There are stitches that dissolve after time and those who have to be removed manually by the dentist.

What happens after the extraction?

If you have chosen us as the best wisdom teeth removal dentists in Middletown, Delaware, the procedure should go smoothly and without complications. It is most probable that you won’t need another appointment with our dentist after the wisdom tooth removal, except in cases of stitches removal or re-occurrence of some unpleasant symptoms such as pain or nerve damage. If you encounter some of these issues, make sure to contact us immediately to discuss further treatment options.

Wisdom teeth removal is not a difficult procedure, but it is still a surgical one. This is why it is very important that you choose us as the most efficient and professional wisdom teeth removal dentists in Middletown, Delaware. Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our dentists!

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