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Teeth are an important part of everyone’s appearance. Everyone tries to brush and floss daily in order to maintain the health of the teeth and keep them white. Unfortunately, not everything goes as we wish it did and sometimes you simply find your teeth more yellow than expected. You may have heard that teeth are healthier and whiter with regular visits at the dentist’s, but even though this is highly recommended, sometimes it is not enough.

Many of you probably find a lack of sparkle in the smile and want to remove those unwanted stains and color. You are in luck because the dentistry has reached a point where you can achieve this by a simple zoom whitening procedure and the teeth whitening cost is not bad for the pocket. Middletown Dental Care is the best option you can choose for teeth whitening services in Middletown Delaware since we can guarantee you sparkling white teeth and best dental care possible. If you are in need of zoom teeth whitening in Middletown, we are the right professionals for you!

Why would you need teeth whitening?

Your teeth can become less bright for a various number of reasons such as food and drinks with intense color pigments that attach to your tooth, use of tobacco, aging, trauma in the mouth and even medications. Our process of teeth whitening is a simple process where whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are used to break the stains in your teeth into smaller pieces. This process results in a less concentrated color in the teeth and brighter appearance. Having your teeth improved can now be done with a non-invasive dental treatment that results in changing the color of your tooth enamel and beautifies your smile. If you feel that your smile is not rich enough, and wants to do something to improve it, consult with a professional to get an opinion on whether you are the right person for this procedure. You may get surprised of how good our dentists at American Dental Care can be if you decide to visit us for teeth whitening in Middletown, Delaware.

Being one of the biggest aesthetic concerns nowadays, teeth whitening is now requested and implemented in many ways. People with excessive fluoridation in tooth development, with stained teeth or yellow teeth in Dover are now in constant need of teeth whitening. This is due to the fact that bad-looking teeth can often make a person less attractive and people opt for such procedures to improve their looks.

What are your options for teeth whitening?

There are many different products for teeth whitening on the market and you can find a kit in almost every drugstore out there. These are usually easy to use, but not recommended by the dentist society, especially not without a prior consultation with a good dentist. The products we use at American dental care to provide you with teeth whitening in Middletown are stronger than the products that are being sold and this is a better option because exposing your teeth to chemicals for a longer period can damage your teeth. If you choose the drugstore kits, you will see results in a future further away, but can also encounter some problems concerning teeth health in the process or at its end.

Another option is to take a kit from our dentist at home and follow the instructions you get. This is a better alternative than simply taking matters into your own hands and purchasing a drugstore kit, because you will notice the results more quickly and dramatically. Also, you will have the advantage of using the kit at the warmth of your home, without having to make a couple of visits at the dentist. Of course, if you are dedicated to the process you should always visit the dentist when you are done to check if the results are positive. You will surely be able to see the difference and decide if you are satisfied with the result, but one of our professionals should always check the health of your teeth after this type of procedure.

If you choose in-office teeth whitening, you are one of those people who want to have their teeth whiter right away or cannot go through the procedure at home for some reason. After all, we dentists have gone through a tremendous amount of educating and it is always better to leave the work in the hands of professionals.

 Luckily, these procedures are not only done at low cost, but typically take 45 minutes to be completed and the process is quite simple. Firstly, the assistant of the dentist covers the lips and the gums of the patient in order to protect them from the gel being used in the procedure, after which a special light is set and directed at the mouth with the purpose of speeding up the bleaching process. These first steps take up one third of the time, after which another portion of gel is applied and also stays for duration of 15 minutes. After the second interval of 15 minutes, the gel is applied for the last time and all you have to do is wait for your teeth to get brighter. This procedure is quite fast and really effective, so at the moment our services come to an end, we can guarantee that you will have much brighter teeth than when you entered our office.

Should you whiten your teeth?

If you wish to whiten your teeth, you should consult us prior to taking any action. Not all teeth react well to the whitening products available on the market, so you should not opt for a procedure that is not approved by a professional. The carbamide peroxide and the hydrogen peroxide that are key ingredients used to whiten teeth are not good for all types of teeth. Our dentists are realistic and highly professional and will advice you not to take this step in case of existence of white spots on your teeth, tooth decay, gums infections or teeth that are too sensitive.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Dover, Delaware and one with a good teeth whitening cost, make sure that you choose Middletown Dental Care. Visit us in Middletown for your teeth whitening procedure and we promise that you will be treated by the best professionals in the dentistry business!


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