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Pediatric Dentistry

Creating Healthy Smiles for Kids in Middletown Dental Care, Delaware"

At Middletown Dental Care, Delaware Pediatric Dentistry, all children are treated gently in a kid-friendly environment. 

Our pediatric dentists have received specific training in working with children and making them feel at ease. We strive to create a positive dental experience for kids by educating them on proper dental hygiene and making sure their visits are fun and stress-free. 

To give your kids the finest care possible, our dentists utilise the most recent technologies. We also provide a range of procedures, including fluoride treatments, sealants, and preventive care. We work hard to make sure that your child enjoys and learns from their visit.

Why choose a pediatric dentist for my kid?

Paediatric dentists have received specialised training in providing children with complete dental care. They understand the unique needs of children and adolescent patients and are experienced in treating them with compassion and empathy. In order to offer the best care possible, paediatric dentists stay current on the most recent developments in paediatric dentistry. The pediatric dentist at Middletown Dental Care has years of experience dealing with kids' oral health treatment.

Specialized Training: Pediatric dentists undergo specialized training in treating children's teeth, starting in infancy through adolescence. They are trained to manage the unique challenges of treating children, including behaviour management, preventive care, and restorative treatments.

Child-Friendly Environment: Pediatric dentistry offices are made to be kid-friendly, with a cheerful and welcoming ambiance that makes kids feel at ease and relaxed. Many offices have play areas, toys, and other amenities that create a positive and enjoyable experience for children.

Preventive Care: Pediatric dentists place a strong emphasis on preventive care, which includes routine examinations, cleanings, fluoride applications, and sealants. This supports the development of strong teeth and gums at a young age and halts the progression of numerous dental issues.

Behaviour Management: Pediatric dentists are trained to use behaviour management techniques to help children feel more comfortable during dental procedures. They use techniques like tell-show-do, positive reinforcement, and distraction to help children feel more at ease and reduce anxiety.

Early Detection of Dental Problems: Pediatric dentists can detect and treat dental problems early before they become more serious. This can help prevent more extensive and costly treatments later on.

When to see a pediatric dentist?

It is recommended that children begin seeing a pediatric dentist when they turn one year old or when their first tooth erupts. Early prevention of cavities is crucial for maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. Regular dental visits are important for early detection and prevention of dental issues. These checkups give the pediatric dentist a chance to evaluate your child's dental development and health while also assisting in the prevention of cavities and other dental issues. Good oral hygiene and nutrition habits should be taught to children from a young age to ensure a lifetime of good oral health. 

There are a few symptoms that, in addition to routine examinations, may necessitate an additional trip to the pediatric dentist. These signs include:

  • Pain or sensitivity in the teeth or gums
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Discoloration or spots on the teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Tooth loss or looseness

What is the most common dental appliance?

Pediatric dental appliances treat a variety of dental issues in children. In addition to helping with orthodontic problems like crowding and misalignment, they are utilised to stop tooth decay and gum disease. They are custom-made for each individual child for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Space maintainers: These are used to hold the space for a primary tooth that has been lost prematurely, to prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting into the empty space, which can cause misalignment of permanent teeth. They also allow for the eruption of the permanent tooth in the correct position and can even help with early orthodontic treatment. Space maintainers can be removable or fixed and are custom-made for each patient.

Mouthguards: These are custom-fitted devices that protect kids' teeth and mouth during contact sports and other physical activities. They are designed to cushion the impact that could potentially cause injury to the teeth and surrounding structures. Wearing such a device can prevent potentially costly dental treatments. The custom fit makes them comfortable and more secure than generic mouthguards. 

Braces: Traditional metal braces or other orthodontic appliances are used to straighten crooked teeth or to correct issues with the child's bite, including overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Braces can also be used to close gaps in between teeth, and to help position the upper and lower jaws for optimal dental health. They can also be used to help in speech development and to improve chewing.

Retainers: These are used after orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in their new positions and prevent shifting. Retainers are usually made of plastic and metal wires that fit on the roof of the mouth or around They are custom-made to fit the patient's mouth and should be worn as prescribed by the orthodontist. Retainers must be worn regularly to be effective.

Expanders: These are used to widen the upper jaw to create more space for crowded teeth or correct bite issues. This can help make teeth more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean and maintain. Orthodontic expansion can also improve overall oral health by making room for teeth to grow correctly. This reduces the chances of dental issues later in life.

Thumb or finger appliances: These are used to help children break habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, which can cause dental problems and alter the development of the teeth and jaws. Behavioural therapy, such as positive reinforcement, is usually recommended to stop these habits. If this fails, a dental appliance may be used to prevent the behaviour. In severe cases, a small amount of bitter-tasting medication can be applied to the thumb or tongue.

Nightguards: These are custom-fitted devices that protect the teeth and jaws from teeth grinding or clenching during sleep, which can cause wear and damage to the teeth and gums. The users who use these gadgets can wear them for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort because they are made to fit nicely in the mouth. Additionally, they can lessen the possibility of experiencing headaches and other sleep-related problems.

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Your children will feel safe and at ease while in our care thanks to the training of our team. We also strive to offer enjoyable and stimulating activities that are suitable for every age group, with a focus on growth and learning.

We are aware that every child is different and that their needs could change. To provide your kid the greatest experience possible, we put a strong emphasis on offering individualised care. Our ultimate goal is to help your child form positive associations with their dental health.

In a secure and welcoming setting, we are dedicated to provide the best calibre of care. Our staff is experienced in working with children and creating a positive experience. 

We work hard to make sure that your child enjoys and feels comfortable during their dental treatment.

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Dr. Christian and staff are all top notch. Professional, friendly, courteous. Dentist and hygienists are all Great with kids and the receptionist is very kind. They work with you to fit your schedule. Nice small family practice. My kids and I have been patients for 10+ years.

Robin J.

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Dr. Christian and staff are all top notch. Professional, friendly, courteous. Dentist and hygienists are all Great with kids and the receptionist is very kind. They work with you to fit your schedule. Nice small family practice. My kids and I have been patients for 10+ years.

Robin J.

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