This is the branch of dentistry that deals with the dental problems seen in children and their respective treatment procedures. Children are called as gift of God! And indeed they are so. Hence, every parent takes care of their child in the most respectable manner. We understand your concern for your child and hence, we take care for your child in the most friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

At American Dental Care in Dover Delaware, we feel that your children should receive the right foundation of oral health so that they can grow up to have beautiful teeth and healthy smiles. Hence, you should make it a point to bring your child for the first dental visit right when the first teeth of the child erupt in the oral cavity. That is the ideal age for your child’s first dental visit. Many dental problems can be stopped from occurrence when they are identified in an initial stage.


1.       Dental cleaning- It is difficult to ask the children to keep their mouth really clean. This is because they are small and may not be dexterous enough to clean every corner of their mouth. Hence, a large amount of plaque is seen in children’s mouths. While cleaning, our dentist use child-friendly terms so that they are not scared with the dental procedure that is being performed for them. The dentist will just say that the child’s teeth are going for a small bath with sprayed water. This description makes them prepared for the procedure. Once the plaque or tartar is cleaned, the hidden cavities can be seen clearly. This paves way for the next procedure- dental fillings.

 2.       Dental fillings- If the dentist finds a cavity in child’s tooth, then he or she will suggest you to go for a filling of that tooth. The material that is used for filling a dental cavity in children is mostly composite resins or glass-ionomer cement. Both these materials fuse with the teeth structure and hence can stay comparatively longer. Even though the milk teeth in children are temporary and shed off after some years, they need to be taken care of well as removal of milk teeth before their due time can have extremely harmful consequences. Premature removal of milk teeth can cause the existing teeth to move and fill in the gap created by the milk teeth. Hence, the successor permanent teeth which are within the bone will have no space to erupt. This will force it to remain buried within the bone or erupt in some other angle that may lead to cause crowding of teeth.

 3.       Stainless steel crowns- For those milk teeth that are extensively decayed and have been filled heavily should go for the placement of stainless steel crowns ideally. These teeth are on the verge of undergoing fracture and hence, should be covered with a crown to reinforce them sufficiently enough to withstand the chewing forces.

 4.        Dental Sealant application- Those kids who are very prone to get dental decay because of the shape of their teeth are advised to go for sealant application. The teeth which have deep groves or pits can easily get decayed because they cannot be cleaned through normal cleaning like toothbrushing. For such teeth, sealants happen to be an excellent solution. It is a plastic material that is flown to these deep grooves or pits. With the help of UV light these sealants are hardened on the teeth. They act a s a protective layer that prevents the decaying process from happening on the tooth surface.

 5.       Space maintainers- For those kids who have lost their temporary molars should wear an appliance called space maintainers. These appliance help to keep the space created by the loss of the milk teeth until the permanent successor teeth erupt in place. They can be of fixed type or removable type. Removable type of appliance need the cooperation of the both the child and the parents because if the child forgets or shows laxity to wear it, the parents should encourage and motivate their child to wear it. In case of fixed space maintainers, the appliance remains fused to the teeth within the mouth. It cannot be removed by the child and only a dentist can remove it. The fixed space maintainer is removed once the permanent tooth starts erupting in the mouth and at least one-third of the head of the tooth can be seen.


To make the dental visit all the more interesting and exciting for your child, we show them some cute dental education videos on our display as the dentist works on them. As they enjoy their favorite cartoons shows, our expert dentist finishes the procedures in a jiffy. 

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