Dental emergencies arise unannounced and bring along uncontrollable pain. If left unattended, the problem increases the likelihood of permanent damage, and also implies a more expensive and time consuming treatment. Emergency can arise out of a case of broken or chipped tooth, lost filling, dislodged braces, sore gums, extreme sensitivity etc. Hence, we actively encourage patrons to take dental issues seriously and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist at Middletown, De at the earliest to receive immediate treatment.

At Middletown Dental care, we provide emergency services to both returning and new patients, and ensure that the patient is attended to at the earliest. People tend to delay the visit to the dentist by resorting to home remedies or painkillers, failing to understand that it is simply a temporary solution. If you are in Dover, DE emergency dentists are available at our centers round the clock to provide the required assistance and medication.


According to the American Dental Association, the primary reason behind adult tooth damage is sports. Both, athletics and contact sports cause major dental injuries and these accidents cannot be predicted. This is why you require an emergency dentist in Dover, DE. As majority of adults indulge in sports casually, the likelihood of a dental injury is high. The same stands true for kids, who tend to get hurt a lot more frequently, thereby accentuating the need for dental emergency services.

Road accidents are also a major cause of severe dental damage. People involved in ghastly accidents might need entire dental restructuring, and in Dover, emergency dental services provided by us are unparalleled. Our team of experienced dentists ensures that the patient receives medication on time and necessary procedures are carried out to control the damage. We recommend patrons to get them checked at our center to prevent any form of aggravation.

If you stay in Middletown, Delaware and wonder, “Where will I be able to avail dental emergency services around me? Contact us to schedule your appointment and we will provide you with the best solution and a cost-friendly experience.

Another reason for Delaware residents to seek emergency dental services in Dover is untimely and sudden toothaches. If a cavity is left untreated, it can suddenly cause immense pain. Problems related to gums also require special attention by dentists. Any disorder related to gum, if not looked into at the right time, is quite likely to result into a gum infection. We actively encourage patients to visit our dental office for regular checkups in order to have a prudent oral health.


If you are a resident of Middletown, DE emergency dentist and dental service will never be a problem for you henceforth. New residents who have moved in Middletown recently, and are looking for dental care institute, visit us for a healthy experience. Like any successful medical body, even our strength lies in our team of talented and experienced dentists. Graduating from the top dental schools of USA, our dentists treat patients as individuals and help with the best dental service. Our facility is world class and is equipped with the latest technology in dental services. Allow us to provide you with a gentle experience at our center and help keep your dental health perfect.

In our facility, we believe in providing the best dental care service and make our patients comfortable. Emergencies can occur any time, and we are always prepared to treat dental emergencies. If you are suffering from a tooth ache or bleeding gums, just schedule an appointment with us and we will work on it at the earliest. Our committed dentists are always present to handle dental emergencies.

For us to understand your dental problem, our dentists will seek information regarding your oral health, perform a visual exam and/or take an X-ray to collect more information. Once the information is gathered, they will treat you and prescribe necessary medication. We strive towards making our patients comfortable.


 People usually tend to treat dental problems using home remedies or over-the-counter pills, but fail to understand the risk involved in delaying the dental visit. The only way the problem will be cured is by making a visit to our dental care center.

 As we all know, dental emergencies can occur at any time, without any prior warning, we should be prepared to face it. Once the pain starts, book an appointment with us. Our friendly staff will ensure your appointment gets accommodated and book you in the earliest possible slot. In the meanwhile, you could take a few measures to assuage the pain and discomfort.

 Prior to visiting the clinic for appointment, use warm water to rinse your mouth and cleanse it of germs. Avoid taking aspirin before the appointment, as it could delay certain surgical procedure or necessary medication for the dental treatment. Our dentists perform an initial assessment of your teeth and make notes for diagnostic purposes. Once the diagnosis is done, we convey the findings to you and provide you with our offered solutions.


Our team is regarded as the best emergency dental team in Middletown, De. Apart from providing round the clock emergency dental services, we also take scheduled regular checkups during the day. Following your emergency visit, we book a routine checkup appointment for you, to assess the improvement in the condition and further analyze it.

Dental care at home is equally important as after the procedure, patients have to avoid certain food, and consume the food at a certain temperature. We also provide our patients with necessary dental home care instructions. These instructions vary with the dental condition. Creating such awareness is necessary to alleviate the pain and suffering typically associated with dental problems.

Our patients with a dental emergency can get in touch with us at any time and we ensure that the best service will be extended towards them!

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