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Don’t you clean your body daily by taking a bath? Yes, most of us do that to keep our body clean. A clean body is helpful in keeping diseases at bay. The same rule goes for our mouth as well. Since, the mouth is the first station of our food pipe; it should be clean so that whatever goes in is also clean and healthy. The first thing one must understand about our body is that mouth is not a separate component. It is very much a part of our body and demands the same amount of care and maintenance as the rest of the body parts. Once this simple principle is clear in our minds, we can appreciate the value of possessing a clean and healthy mouth.

At Middletown Dental Care, we perform dental cleaning for patients before undergoing any other dental procedure. It is also carried out if the patient has come to us for the first time. Ideally, a person has to undergo professional dental cleaning at least once in every six months.

We use high quality ultrasonic scaling machines to clean your teeth. With the help of such advanced gadgets, your teeth are cleaned with utmost efficiency and within few minutes.

Why should I undergo dental cleaning?

Take a look at few of the reasons why you should undergo professional dental cleaning-

1.       Removes  tartar and plaque from your teeth

Plaque is a soft film composed of food debris and oral bacteria that lines the tooth surfaces, gums and the inner lining of the cheeks. Basically, this layer is almost everywhere and needs to be removed. It takes about 12 hours for plaque layer to be formed. Hence, it is advised to brush at least twice daily, thereby interrupting the plaque layer from formation.

Tartar is the word used to describe the hard deposits formed when minerals like calcium ions incorporate into the plaque layer and convert into tough-to-remove- deposits on teeth surfaces. Tartar cannot be wiped off through regular tooth brushing and the only way to remove it is dental cleaning. 

2.       Protects you from gum disease or systemic disease like heart disease

Regular dental cleaning can obstruct and prevent the occurrence of gum disease. This is because tartar and plaque irritate the gums and cause them to undergo inflammation and infection. When the condition worsens the gum disease can progress into an irreversible state wherein the gums recede and the roots of the teeth are exposed. This can lead to hypersensitivity of teeth. Hence, dental cleaning is a preventive measure against all such dental problems.

One of the species of oral bacteria that resides in plaque layer is responsible to cause infection of heart valves. That is why cleaning is all the more significant to avoid heart diseases in future. 

3.       Keeps bad breath at bay

Dental cleaning can solve the problem of bad breath. Bad breath can be due to a multitude of factors like swollen and bleeding gums or an unclean mouth with heavy tartar and plaque. A simple procedure of dental cleaning can save you from the embarrassment of being avoided or socially ignored due to bad breath. The very realization of having a bad breath can actually lower one’s self esteem phenomenally. 

4.       Expose any hidden dental decay

When the hard tartar deposits are removed from the teeth, the teeth surfaces become clean enough for the dentist to figure out if there are any new cases of dental decay or not.

Once you undergo dental cleaning, it is a good decision to quit smoking or consumption of colored beverages. Eat food that is rich in fibers as the fibers help in cleaning your teeth naturally as you chew along. These small stepshelp in maintaining your teeth in a clean way for a longer term. If your gums were just mildly inflamed due to the tartar deposits, dental cleaning will help your gums to revert back to its normal healthy state, now since the irritant has been washed off.

For those who are in the next stage of gum disease should wait patiently for about two weeks or so to check if the gum condition is getting better or not.

In some severe conditions of gum disease, a deep cleaning may be required. This procedure is called root planing. The main aim of this procedure is to clean the root surfaces and remove any hard deposits on that as well. Once the root surfaces are clean, it will facilitate the bonding in between the teeth and the supporting tissue like gums and periodontal fibers.

After you read about dental cleaning, stand in front of a mirror and open your mouth. If you find those hard deposits of tartar peeping out at you, call us at Middletown Dental Care of Delaware to make an appointment with our dental hygienist for a thorough dental cleaning!


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