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Smile is the first thing people remember when speaking of first impressions. But that is not the only thing a smile is. A smile can guide and affect the life of every individual and cosmetic dentistry is a crucial part of the process. However, it is quite clear that not everyone has the access to a good local cosmetic dentist in the place of living. Fortunately for you, the American dental care is located right here in your hometown and you can improve your smile today by simply arranging a visit at the office of the best cosmetic dentists in Middletown, Delaware.

We at Middletown Dental care offer you improved aesthetics, gained as a result of the most advanced dental technology and techniques. Our main goal is to ensure your lasting beauty, function of teeth and their health and for this purpose, our highly experienced dental team is committed to help patients of all ages and at all times.

Our cosmetic dentists in Middletown, Delaware can help you with everything, starting from preventive dental care to specialized treatments, personalized for your needs. If you decide to visit us, we can offer you an in-depth examination by using x-rays and digital impressions and create quality restorations. What follows is a list of our specialized services:

·         X-rays

·         Screening for oral cancer

·         Periodontal screening

·         Periodontal therapy

·         Dental caries screening

·         Analysis of bite

·         Examination of temporomandibular joints

·         Jaw position examination

·         Digital imaging

·         Implants

·         Teeth Whitening

·         Veneers

·         Crowns

·         Bridges

·         Laser dentistry

·         Filling removal

·         Additional Restorative treatments

·         Additional cosmetic treatments

Our approach to dentistry aims to providing our patients with oral health and a beautiful smile. What we do is optimize the health and appearance of your teeth and make sure that is long-lasting. After all, a good oral health can contribute greatly to the wellbeing in overall and boost your confidence to a new, higher level.

Esthetics is very important to us, but our primary focus is on treating your mouth. There are many functional and health factors that can and often contribute to the issues that are concerning us, cosmetic dentists. This is why we have set our primary goals to be:

·         Determining the problem

·         Fixing the root of the problem

·         Ensuring that the problem is solved permanently

·         Making sure to provide best esthetic results for our patients

It does not matter if you have small or big request for a change in your smile; we offer the widest range of services possible in order to meet your needs.

Teeth whitening

Foods and beverages can cause your teeth to become stained and yellow, or even darken. Our office offers you a custom whitening system that will brighten your smile in an instant! Schedule a visit today and leave our dental office more confident with the smile of your dreams!


Teeth are aging and the environment can cause them to be worn, misaligned or chipped. We offer porcelain veneers to form the smile you want. These veneers are thin, porcelain restorations that are placed over your teeth with the purpose of covering their front and giving you an improved look.

Tooth-colored restorations

You can choose the color that matches your teeth if you wish to avoid the dark metal restorations being placed on your teeth. If you are in need of a crown or a filling, our dentists can help you find the right fit to blend with your smile.

Full makeover

We are all aware that teeth can cause many problems and most of the time, there are more aesthetic issues to be looked into. This is why many of our patients come to us to ask for help regarding numerous problems with their smiles. Our cosmetic dentists can help you improve the appearance and function of your smile after designing a custom treatment that fits your needs and requests. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your desired smile with our dentists.

Why choose Middletown Dental Care for your cosmetic dentists in Middletown, Delaware?

We are different from others in the sense that we provide our customers with comprehensive examination and analysis. If you decide to visit our office, rest assured that our dentists will provide you with undivided attention when discussing your concerns and goals. A professional cosmetic dentist will help you not only by performing a treatment, but also by determining and explaining the options you have for your teeth.

Why choose cosmetic dentistry?

The smile is the first thing people notice about others and if you are not satisfied with the look of your smile, a simple change with cosmetic dentistry can turn out to be a life-changing decision. As the best cosmetic dentists in Middletown, Delaware, we do not only make sure that your teeth are healthy and improved, but we also boost your confidence.

We at Middletown dental care prioritize the health of your teeth. Before we make a plan for your teeth, we always make sure that you are healthy enough for the particular treatment. If you are in need of cosmetic dentistry treatment, we must make sure that your gums are healthy and decay-free. In cases of periodontal diseases and cavities, we have the tendency of treating the patient prior to performing cosmetic treatments to their teeth.

If you are looking for the best, highly trained cosmetic dentists in Middletown, Delaware, schedule an appointment with us today. We would be proud to help our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles trough a procedure of exceptional and affordable oral care. As the leader in the dental profession, Middletown dental care is in constant striving for improvement of the health and the appearance of patient’s health. This is why we work with the most advanced, innovative technologies and techniques.

Do not hesitate any longer – contact us today and get the smile you always dreamed of!

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